FANTASIA – hotness is on increase!
In line with the start building of the row of villas within Cat Ba Amatina Project on construction site, Vinaconex-ITC continues to carry out many interesting sale programs with the view to maximize benefits for its customers. Customers’ benefits are again and always at the focal point of all activities. Continue the success of Fantasia Night sale program, on December 1, 2011, Vinaconex-ITC organized another event – an exchanging meeting between Vinaconex-ITC and its potential customers. Notwithstanding the darkened scene of economy and of weather, the event gathered attention of many investors. The exchanging meeting was going on in the warm, enthusiastic and exciting atmosphere.
Opposed to heavy rain and cold wind outside are warm excitement, enthusiasm and concentration of customers during their learning and exchanging on project and its products at the meeting

Sample villa at Fantasia Resort – Cat Ba Amatina Project

Villas in Fantasia Resort are designed in modern, luxurious manners; attention is paid on all and every detail of each villa. All villas is situated at an unique location to allow magnificent view on surrounding nature. Villas promisingly become comfortable and advanced living space for those people, who  are luckily enough to become the owners.
Business Director Tran Van Bac proudly poses beside mighty and romantic panoramic picture of Cat Ba Jade Island and sample of luxurious, comfortable villas at Fantasia

Customers’ excitement and joy after successful selection of a place in “resort heaven” Cat Ba Amatina golden project

In addition, when participate in the event, each customer was given a chance to receive a Vinaconex-ITC  lucky gift valued from VND 25 to VND 35 million.

Vinaconex-ITC - blazing its own business path to bring GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY AT GOLDEN PROJECT to investors' benefits!

Fantasia Villas: The sparkling beauty is gradually coming to existence.

(Please contact Vinaconex-ITC as soon as possible to enjoy greater chance to select greater location. Vinaconex-ITC hotline: 0988969697)

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