With the view to make Cat Ba Amatina Project a world class resort, casino, marina and entertainment complex, the cooperation with experienced and financially strong international investors is always at the top concern of Vinaconex-ITC during project implementation. Therefore, Vinaconex-ITC tents to participate in international conferences and exhibitions on relevant topics. Recently, Vinaconex-ITC participated in Asia-Pacific Real Estate held in Hong Kong in 15-17 November, 2011.

This is a top international conference and commercial exhibition in the field of real estate at Asia-Pacific region, held annually in Hong Kong with the participation of hi-class projects. Exhibition is an opportunity to advertise projects and to accelerate business activities. The exhibition is also a place of gathering of real estate communities from continents, including mainly Asia, Europa, Australia and America. Participants to exhibition are key actors in the field of project development, investment, consultancy/brokerage/lawyering, product/service providers, architecture and planning, government agencies, hotel groups, etc. Vinaconex-ITC participated in the exhibition in the capacity of real estate investor and developer.

Besides conducting advertisement and communication activities, Vinaconex-ITC also held meetings with several counterparts on previously agreed appointments as follows:

At first, Vinaconex-ITC delegation met with CBRE Hong Kong. Mr. Marc Townsend – General Director of CBRE Vietnam made presentation in person on Cat Ba Amatina Project to his Kong Kong colleagues so that they could understand more clearly about the Project and be more eager to seek investors, especially Hong Kong investors for Cat Ba Amatina Project.

Later on, Vinaconex-ITC delegation met with representative of Onyx Hospitality Group from Thailand – Ms. Elaine Young – its CEO. The two sides had exchanged opportunity to cooperate in the hotel field.

An impressive meeting had been held with Northern Caucasus Resort (Russia). This counterpart owns a big tourist cluster at North Caucasus, Russia. Its project is a complex of international standard resort spa and beaches. The project also has the skiing routes of 897 km long with 179 ski lifts. The two sides had exchanged experience on development of resorts and hotels.

Vinaconex-ITC also meets with counterpart Small Luxury Hotels from Hong Kong who is specialized in seeking and licensing the projects that meet boutique standards. The two parties had exchanged necessary information. Ms. Anita Chan, Vice Chairwoman for Asia-Pacific development, paid special attention to 07 five-star hotels of the project and wish to cooperate with Vinaconex-ITC in trademark development and operation of hotels that meet international standards.

Vinaconex-ITC meets TCC Land – a business from Thailand specialized in development of real estate projects, especially hotels. TCC Land not only has rich experience on hotel development, but it also owns a comprehensive knowledge on Vietnamese market. TCC Land highly appreciates Cat Ba Amatina Project and is considering to invest in one of the five-star hotels within the project.

Meet with Futuregement Co., Ltd from Japan. This business provides real estate investment advisory service. Usually, Futuregement very carefully studies projects as well as their management and operational modes, and the conditions for Japanese people to invest into such projects. Futuregement also expressed its great interest in Vinaconex-ITC and wanted to be a link between Vinaconex-ITC and Japanese investors.

In addition, Vinaconex-ITC delegation also met with many other counterparts such as: Iskandar Investment Berhad (Malaysia), Jerde Partnership Hong Kong, Logon (Germany), Tourism Western Australia, Sunway Properties, ICSC, Catella Property, Arquitectonica, UOA Group, Asia Pacific land, etc.

On the other hand, the exhibition is also an opportunity to enhance knowledge and understanding on real estate market in Asia and on the world, and to directly contact with top economists, presenters and leaders of the world-known businesses. Vinaconex-ITC representatives participated in different discussions such as: Macro-economic view and tips for real estate market in Asia, Opportunities at developing real estate market compared to the developed market; Strategy for real estate growth; Profit of real estate industry compared to other industries, etc. Vinacapital from Vietnam also contributed a presentation titled: Foreign investment into real estate market of Vietnam. Many participants were interested in this presentation. This, in turn, confirmed great potentials to draw in foreign investment of Vietnamese market.

In addition to that, exhibition also brings to Vinaconex-ITC an opportunity to witness the world’s great real estate projects displayed at booths of architectors, real estate developers coming from many different countries, such as booths of Northern Caucasus Resort (Russia), Iskandar Investment Berhad (Malaysia), Jerde Partnership Hong Kong, Camsing Global, KPMG, Arquitectonica, etc.

The Vinaconex-ITC trip ended successfully, with many positive results. Vinaconex-ITC leant lots new knowledge on current international real estate market. It also had chance to exchange cooperation opportunities and to introduce Cat Ba Amatina Project to international market. The project was highly appreciated not only by its great location, beautiful panoramic view, but also by its development concept and by its investor’s prestige.

Besides, the participation in an international conference and exhibition is also one step forward within a whole process to carefully prepare for project implementation and operation.
At any time, Vinaconex-ITC may have service of international standard experts and trustful counterparts to build the project together, making in a resort, marina, casino and entertainment complex of international standards, a new destination in Asia.
Vinaconex – ITC also participated in the business matching meeting at Hong Kong real estate exhibition where more than 100 real estate investors and developers of the world meet and discuss. Thereafter are some pictures of the meeting:

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