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Question 16: Currently, is external infrastructure an obstacle for the implementation of the Project?
Although the tourist infrastructure in the Island is actually not yet well developed, in comparison to other islands, the transport system, electricity system, communication system, water supply and drainage system on this island are comparatively sufficient.

Question 15: You have mentioned the tendency of inviting foreign investors to invest in the Project. If domestic investors want to invest in the Project, will they be “welcomed”?
In terms of scale, area and investment capital, this is a big project with specific features. Therefore, the invitation for investment from secondary investors is overall objectives of VINACONEX- ITC.

Question 14: How is the Project implemented at the moment?
After land was handed over to the Project, Vinaconex - ITC started site clearance and compensation for all project-affected households in the project area. Up to now, the levelling work was carried out on over 100 ha of the project and the technical infrastructure of the project is being implemented.

Question 13: Which are the most “expensive” components of the Project?
There are three areas of Project that would be especially attractive to foreign investors. First areas are beautiful beaches confidentially hidden inside the bays. Those are ideal places to develop various kinds of tourist services, water sports and entertainments, ocean discovery activities, etc.

Question 12: Why to invest in Cat Ba Amatina Project (Cat Ba Amatina – integrated marina resort)?
Evaluating potentials of Cat Bar Amatina Project, leaders of Cat Hai District People’s Committee expect this project by Vinaconex - ITC will promote tourist industry at Cat Ba Archipelago as well as increase economic growth rate for Island District, bringing Cat Ba tourist area to become a national-level tourism centre soon.

Question 11: What are the investment incentives of the Project?
Reduction of land rent and tax during the Project implementation; Corporate income tax incentives in accordance with Decree No. 164/2003/NĐ-CP dated 22/12/2003.

Question 10: Which are special services that the visitors can enjoy from this Project that other urban tourist projects are not yet able to offer?
Cat Ba Amatina Project is a modern and synchronous urban tourist area with long-term, sustainable and effective investment strategy. By providing accommodation, public services, comprehensive tourist and commercial services, places for cultural and sport activities, combination of green trees – park – lake, transport systems and other services, the Project is truly a product of harmonization between natural landscape and human design.

Question 9: What are the advantages of the Project?
The Project has 6 key advantages: Project is developed in an area rich of tourist potentials; Project is implemented by a prestige and experienced investor.

Question 8: What are the objectives of the Project?
Tourism is a smokeless and highly-effective industry, and a bridge to connect all cultures, economies in the world. Investment in tourist development is a policy of the Government of Vietnam. Cat Ba-Ha Long is a potential tourist complex that needs to be effectively exploited.

Question 7: How can investor make investment to the Project?
Vinaconex – ITC is calling for investment to the Project in the following forms: Transfer the land with infrastructure to secondary investors to develop resorts, hotels, entertainment areas, sport center, international convention palace, and other specific components of the overall Project

Question 6: What is progress of the Project ?
The Project implementation is divided into 3 phases with the area of 172,27ha. At present, the progress of the Project is as follows:

Question 5: What are natural advantages to develop tourist services of the Project?
Cat Ba archipelago, consisting of 366 islands large and small, occupies a very special place in the world and in the hearts of nature-lovers across the globe. Recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it is adjacent to the equally magnificent Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site.

Question 4: Which tourist services are expected to deploy?
Based on the natural advantages of Cat Ba island, the project can exploit various kinds of tourist services, such as: on-land tourism, entertainment tourism, sea-bathing tourism, culture tourism (visit places of historic interest, museums, go on a pilgrimage, festivals)
Question 3: What are total invested capital and the key components of Cat Ba Amatina Project?
Total invested capital to Cat Ba Amatina Project is USD billion 1
Question 2: Where the Project is located?
Cat Ba Amatina Project is located in Cai Gia Gulf, Cat Ba island, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Cat Ba island is one of three biggest islands in Vietnam, 60 km far from Hai Phong city to the east and 150 km from Hanoi capital.