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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said, Haiphong has many conditions and time of rapids for sustainabe development.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said, Haiphong has many conditions and time of rapids for sustainabe development.

Adjustment in plan - Haven travel in the North.
The adjustment in plan approved Haiphong People's Committee through on Friday on the 29th September with expectance of completion, the number of rooms in resort will satisfy 7,0 00.00 passengers.

Haiphong promotes investment in transport, economy and tourism.
Decision No. 1567/QD-TTg dated 31/10/2008 issued by the Prime Minister about the implementation of the Resolution No. 32-NQ/TW on 05/08/2003 for development of construction in Haiphong during the period of industrialization and modernization country.

Convergence of sea and forest, Cat Ba becomes an ideal destination for tourists.
30 km far from Haiphong city, you can go to Cat Ba by road or by boat. It is comfortable for tourists to see the scenery of two sides when being on a ferry to Cat Ba. Cat Ba has 4 adjacent beaches: Cat Co 1, 2,3, Cat Tien which are very famous and considered as the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Haiphong mobilized 30,000 billion dong for development
In 2010, Haiphong plans to raise about 30,000 billion of local capital for investment and development that up 9% compared to 2009

Dinh Vu Port Project –The second phase
To meet the demand of goods through the Dinh Vu Port , It  forecasts 3.2 million tons per year in 2010. Dinh Vu Port needs to be expanded to downstream that towards replacing the main port. This expansion makes the city match with the planning of Haiphong to be an urban city grade I

Promoting co-operation between Haiphong and Beihai (China)
Representatives of Haiphong City, The Deputy Chairman of People's Committee, Hoang Van Ke, the leaders of Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism and leaders of departments of Haiphong. From China, the Vice Mayor of Beihai City  and , Dr. Ton Dai Quang, leader of Guangxi ‘s Bureau of Tourism.

The 50th anniversary Uncle Ho welcomes Vietnamese expatriates home
There are many VIPs participating in the anniversary: Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan, National Assembly Vice President Huynh Ngoc Son, the representative of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other ministries, representatives of Vietnamese Embassies and 500 Vietnamese expatriates.

Haiphong attracts many large investment projects
With the advantage of an industrial port in the North and be one of 5 biggest cities in Vietnam, Haiphong has a big chance to attract and implement many large investment projects
One day with Haiphong
If you do not have time and money for a long trip to discover some attractive destinations of Haiphong such as Cat Ba, Do Son, you will still have a chance to enjoy them with a day tour for the colorful picture of the port city.

Bonding the tourism industry between Haiphong and Quang Ninh – Plentiful products and promotion for economy.
Developing linking tourism among locals have been a trend recently. Recognizing role of co-operation, The province have worked together to find solutions to diversify the tourism products and leave the impression in the heart of tourists. Haiphong and Quang Ninh are not out of this trend.

Promoting the Brand of Haiphong tourism to the world.
Nowadays, the tourists come to Haiphong not just for the sea travel and holiday tourism. The foreign tourists are very interested in the city tour, community tour and ecotourism. It is a big chance to bring the brand of Haiphong tourism to the world.

Than Cong Fortress- a new destination of Cat Ba Tourism
Located in famous sight populations of Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba island is considered as Pearl Island of Vietnam. Here is one of the famous island of legend : thousands of gem was dropped into the sea of Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba is the blend between the forest and the sea, which have created an unique landscape.
Link to develop the key national tourism
Along with Hanoi, Haiphong – Quang Ninh is the other two top of the economic triangle in the North of Vietnam. Besides, Haiphong-Quang Ninh own the diversified tourism resources and exploit many types of tourism so as to meet the demand of local and international customers.

Cat Ba tourism welcomes nearly 1.1 million visitors
From the very beginning of this year, the total number of visitors to Cat Ba reached nearly 1.1 million, including nearly 300 thousand backpackers. Total revenue from tourism reached over 350 billion. The district has priority for construction investment, accelerate projects, tourism projects, exciting destination, community eco-tours.