Question 13: Which are the most “expensive” components of the Project?

There are three areas of Project that would be especially attractive to foreign investors.

First areas are beautiful beaches confidentially hidden inside the bays. Those are ideal places to develop various kinds of tourist services, water sports and entertainments, ocean discovery activities, etc.

Second areas are luxury and hi-class hotels which are located at ideal positions within the green space of nature.

Third area that would attract big investors is boat wharf (marina). In our point of view, this is the most expensive area of the Project because of its ideal location and services. The Marina is located at the West side of the Project, inside close and wave/wind safe Tung Thu bay. Being luxurious and high-end place with quality packaged services, this marina will be the coming place for all boats and yachts of 3-24m long, from all countries in the world. There is a yacht club to serve as meeting venue for all members of the club and the people who love this kind of sports.

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