Question 10: Which are special services that the visitors can enjoy from this Project that other urban tourist projects are not yet able to offer?

Cat Ba Amatina Project is a modern and synchronous urban tourist area with long-term, sustainable and effective investment strategy. By providing accommodation, public services, comprehensive tourist and commercial services, places for cultural and sport activities, combination of green trees – park – lake, transport systems and other services, the Project is truly a product of harmonization between natural landscape and human design. Here, visitors can make for themselves a suitable choice among a range of tourist services that no other place can offer at the same time, such as Forest tourism, sea tourism, ecological tourism, conference tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism, mountain-climbing tourism, etc. This place will bring to visitors most relaxed time; its breathtaking, imposing and pristine landscapes would surely stimulate the sense of discovery of visitors. Project also promises to give investors a good investment opportunity in real estates business and in providing sea-island related tourist services.
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