Project implementation progress in 1st and 2nd weeks, July 2011
In July, Vinaconex-ITC continue to implement and speed up the implementation of the following bid packages:
-    Continue to construct C2 and C5 bridges;
-    Supervise the construction of river embankment of IIA and IIB phases;
-    Prepare technical conditions for implementation of infrastructure packages of IIA and IIB phases;
-    Supervise the construction of bases for C2 villas;
-    Implement the installation of underground cables, transformer station, lighting system and step-down transformer of II and III phases;
-    Continue the on-going works such as roads of IB phase, water supply-drainage system of IB phase;
-    Continue to process the weak soil base at C1.1 and C2 areas

Some pictures of the site

Processing additional work at the weak soil base of C1.1, C2 areas

Pile making plant at IIA, IIB phases

Working on bases of villas

Constructing bases for C2 villas 

TProcessing the weak soil base at C1.1, C2 areas

  Drilling the piles for embankment, IIA and IIB phases

Drilling piles to process the weak soil base at C1.1, C2 areas
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