Minister of Transportation inspects construction of Lach Huyen port project
In the morning 6 June 2012, Minister of Transportation Dinh La Thang lead a working delegation of Ministry of Transportation, including representatives of Vietnam Maritime Administration, to visit and spend a working session with leaders of Hai Phong city on Hai Phong international gateway seaport project (Lach Huyen).

At the working session, Deputy Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee Le Van Thanh confirmed that to date, the site clearance works assigned to the City by the Government are going in compliance with the plan; and creating no impact on 15 July 2012, the planned date for start of construction. The City had instructed Cat Hai district to well perform site clearance work, so most of local people support the project. At present, the inventory, site clearance works and the building of re-settlement areas are on progress on speedy mode.

Minister of Transportation works with Lach Huyen PMU

Chairman of Cat Hai District People's Committee summarized difficulties that Cat Hai faced  in implementing site clearance works such as slow land acquisition, low compensation, and lack of budget for site clearance work (in sum of 20 billion VND), etc.

Minister of Transportation Dinh La Thang clearly indicates that Hai Phong international gateway seaport project at Lach Huyen is one of the key national projects that plays breakthrough role in development of seaports in Vietnam in the coming 10 years. Ministry of Transportation welcomed Hai Phong and PMU for their active implementation of project related works and agreed with Cat Hai District proposals with the view to speed up the project implementation and to create favorable conditions for local people.

However, City and PMU should accelerate propaganda work so that local people can understand objectives and significance of the project as well as their own interests in the project. Minister instructed the PMU to favor recruitment of labor from Cat Hai district and Hai Phong city to the labor from other provinces. Besides, the City also should settle the demands of district on land compensation and pay special attention on meeting spiritual demand of people during the relocation of 5-hectar cemetery.

The selected bidder should provide financial support for Cat Hai district to build at least 1 public welfare construction; and by so doing, expresses social responsibility of project implementers to the local people, who sacrificed their land for the interests of country's industrialization and modernization.

It was previously planned that the project construction will started on 15 July 2012. However, due to the late completion of design work, PMU decided to delay the start date until end of September or beginning of October 2012. Minister acknowledged that the late completion of design work was due to objective reasons. He also agreed that the delay of construction start date as proposed by PMU was appropriate. Minister requested that until March 2015, all components of Part A of projects and connecting roads should be completed and put into operation in order to promote the efficient exploitation of the project.
Upon completion of its construction, Hai Phong international gateway seaport (Lach Huyen) can receive container ships and other ship with maximum load capacity of 100,000 DWT and can load/unload 6 million ton of goods per year. The whole project is implemented in the form of public-private partnership (PPP). It consists of 2 parts:

Part A of project includes: build of sand-blocking and wave-blocking dykes, roads, power, water and service infrastructure, etc. Total estimated investment for part A is 18,627 billion VND (ODA from Japan and reciprocal capital of Vietnam Government)

Part B of project includes 2 docks for container ships with load capacity up to 100,000 DWT and will be implemented by partnership between Vietnam Maritime Corporation and Japanese counterpart.

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