Cat Ba - 'The rear of the lady' is against northern invaders
Legend has it that Cat Ba Island used to be the rear of ladies supporting foods for soldiers in near island against the Chinese dependency, It is the reason why it is named Cac Ba island, after years  It is  modified to present name “ Cat Ba” island.

Cat Ba (Cat Hai - Haiphong) is the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin. It belongs to the fauna of 366 islands. This place has huge potential for tourism development with diversity of biological and stunning natural scenery.
There are  15 traces of ancient Vietnamese belonging to Ha Long culture though 17 archaeological places on the island .Especially, The Cai Beo archaeological relic was discovered in 1938, It confirmed that human lived here for over 6,000 years ago

Cat Ba beach
Cat Tien resort stands aloof  from the central town of Cat Ba, Cat Tien resort is like a tropical oasis with two beaches Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. The tourism activities are busy and professional. Visitors prefer to explore the wild nature in Lan Ha bay by boat (Lan Ha bay is in the southeast of Cat Ba Island). Visitor can get particular patch of sky and select the best beach in dozens of small beaches with limpid water.

Lan Ha Bay has many charming caves as Ham Rong cave, Do Cung cave, and Ca grotto. If the tourist like fishing, they can ask the owner of the boat and choose a comfortable ledge then falling in the beautiful natural landscape

Primary forest on Cat Ba Island

If visitors want to go wild nature, you should go to the vale of sea as frog pond, Quai Xanh and Tung. It is intact landscape and containing many rare marine seafood.

It is 15km far from Cat Ba town, Cat Ba National Park   (which has been recognized as a World biosphere reserve by UNESCO), is 15.2 km2 in area, It includes 9.8 km2 of forest and many interesting caves. Tropical forests are 570 hectares in area, it has a fauna of rich flora that attracts a lot of tourists and scientists. Visitors will come to Viet Hai commune after seeing the forests, Viet Hai commune remains a lot of traditional culture of Cat Ba hundreds of years ago. People are rustic and hospitable they will let you sleep overnight in their home with cheap price.
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