The transportation projects impulse the development of tourism
Previously, if the guests want to go to Cat Ba Island, they used to be afraid of transportation. It was too complex, the visitors had to take many trips by road and waterway. They also had to be at the right time  in the right place (just 3 to 4 trips/a day). It was not easy to come to this beautiful  island.

However, There have been a lot of transportation projects in Haiphong recently, these projects have  been implemented as the project  of road, Hanoi - Haiphong, It is being deployed , Lach Huyen international gateway, this project is expected starting late in 2009,Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Bridge, Dinh Vu Port was completed phase II, it has opened terminal No.4 on 20th of March 2009 and starting phase II of terminal 5 that  meets the 3.2 million tons, Cat Bi International air port is upgraded. These projects are in the survey.

Along with these key projects, the transportation infrastructure of Haiphong also will be developing uniform and modern.

This factor is very important which contributes to make transportation to Cat Ba Pearl Island more convenient. Especially, the highway 5B project and Dinh Vu Bridge project are estimated of completion in 2012, visitors only need 1.5 hours to Cat Ba by car and it is very easy to have great weekend in Cat Ba Pearl Island. Which is considered as a unique heaven in Vietnam.

In addition, Haiphong also proposes the government and allocation of government for transportation projects and accelerating the progress of the projects.

 Cat Ba has to be worked much to get more development adequate to potentials. With the efforts of the Party, the government, people of Haiphong, the supporting  from government  and attractive environment for investors, We  are confident  that the strengths which be commented, Cat Ba Island will be a pearl island, a heaven in Vietnam.
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