Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said, Haiphong has many conditions and time of rapids for sustainabe development.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said, Haiphong has many conditions and time of rapids for sustainabe development.
On the 13rd January, Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, Delegation of Haiphong’s National Assembly and  Mr.Nguyen Van Thuan – Member of central committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party, City Party Committee Secretary, Chairman of City Council – Duong Anh Dien, City Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Head of Delegation of the Haiphong’s National Assembly-Nguyen Van Thanh and the Chairman of City exposure with the electors of  Tien Lang district

Prime Minister- Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung and leader of Departments of Haiphong examine the actual construction roadwork at the international airport in Quang Vinh (Tien Lang.) after meeting voters.

Deputy Head Delegation of Haiphong National Assembly, Tran Ngoc Vinh report the results of session 6th, National Assembly 12th about some basic situation of socio-economics in 2009, The representative of Tien Lang’s Voters express happiness about achievements of the country and deeply confidence in the leadership of the Party, the administration of government by overcoming economic recession, inflation, reasonable growth and ensuring social security.

Confirming the effectiveness of increasing investment in agriculture and rural area over years though policies such as loans to support farmers purchasing agricultural machinery and capital for their children to learn in colleges. The representatives of voters put forward some proposals to the National Assembly and Government such as: increasing investment in agriculture, farmers and rural areas, especially infrastructure in deep- remote areas; proposals of  dykes, polders and using more than 10,000 ha of alluvial, reforming agricultural policies early, such as land accumulation and some problems relating to transport infrastructure development.

Prime Minister receive the recommendations of Voter’s representatives, He congratulate achievements of Local of Party, Local of Government in 2009.  They contribute to achievements of country significantly. They also affirmed difficulties and challenges in 2009 but under the leadership of the Party and administration of the Government with the efforts of the entire system political system, our country achieve admirable achievements. We stop the economic decline, inflation and economy growth. We also  attract foreign investments and  the social security is guaranteed.
In difficult, with the best of socialist regime, the Party and State have many policies and measures to ensure social security, life of the poor, people in remote area, health insurance and  loan interest. The government also promotes reforming administrative affairs, fighting corruption and waste. We still ensure QP-AN and stability polity. Foreign relation is enhanced.

The Prime Minister impressed that “We are proud of those results, but we also recognize clearly that the development of the country remain a lot of difficulties. Our country is still poor because we develop from an agricultural country and our country was ravaged by war"

Macroeconomic is unstable, economic efficiency is not high; the infrastructure is not meeting the requirements of developed nation. We have much thing to do. Haiphong city and  Tien Lang district  concretize the guidelines, policies, clearly. They also need to  define tasks,main criteria and strive to achieve greater results.

Haiphong has a lot of conditions and opportunities for rapid sustainable development. The whole Party and people, at all levels overcome our common problems to complete the mission in 2010 and fulfill the objectives of Resolution 10 of the Party Congress.

On the recommendations of the vote’s representative, Prime Minister said, we increase investment in agriculture and rural areas, farmers as priorities of Party and State. These projects are strategic. The Party and State have had many policies in this area and continued to increase investment, as industrialization and modernization of the country as well as industrialization and modernization of rural areas.

The Prime Minister agreed with the proposals of the voter’s representative about guidelines for conducting of research of Polders from Van Uc to Thai Binh with development of transportion along beach. About land accumulation, it should be conducted synchronously because land accumulation should go in line with restructuring economic, labor movements, farmers' jobs.

The Prime Minister said the Government was studying the conditions relating with an international airport project in Quang Vinh commune. If this is eligible, It will replace the Cat Bi airport and reserve for Noi Bai International Airport. Noting the opinions of voters on accelerating administrative reformation, the Prime Minister said that Government is trying to implement these works to simplify administrative procedures, thereby in improving State management and reducing inconvenience to people. Prime Minister hopes that Haiphong and Tien Lang district overcome difficulties and take advantages, complete the task, make important contribution to achievements of the country in 2010 and subsequent years. /.
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