After Governor Nguyen Van Binh delivered a message to ease credit for real estate market, many businesses operating in this field feel "joy in their mind" as they suggested that the market will experience "waving" effect.

The opening of "valve" of credit for real estate market is thought to help releasing real estate inventory, and creating new capital circulation for the whole economy. Real estate projects will find it easier to access capital for their implementation when interest rate decreased. This, in turn, would make this investment channel more attractive. 
Number of real estate businesses shared with VnEconomy that they are happy and optimist with new policy.

Mr. Tran Xuan Luong, Director of Thang Long Real Estate Exchange, said, just after the announcement of the credit easement, number of investors and customers called for product information. "Credit easement policy delivered signals of betterment of market, although it could only serve as "sedative", not yet a "treatment tablet" or "cure dose", Mr. Luong shared.

Mr. Tran Minh Hoang, Chairman of Board of Directors of HCMC's Vinaland Investment Group evaluates that the new policy will encourage banks to ease principal debts for businesses and help them going out of difficulties.

Mr. Tran Duc Dien, Director of Maxland real estate exchange shared without hesitation that the announcement of Governor to cut down interest rate to 12%, together with the exclusion of real estate from list of discouraged sectors for credit is a good signal, because the down of real estate during last time was mainly due to the fact that capital was "band" by banks.

"With such positive impacts, and with the market adjustment in recent time, I am sure that real estate market will be warmed up in the second half of 2012", Mr. Dien predicted.

However, from the expert's viewpoint, Dr. Cao Sy Kiem, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises said that decision to trim interest rate of State Bank was needed, but the trimming should be selective, not total release. "When interest rate decreased, it is very dangerous if people do not put their money into banks, not invest in production, but follow the inappropriate investment channels", Dr. Kiem shared.

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