Although real estate market is currently down, the resort villa segment still draws attention of many customers. Images: Hải Linh

KTĐT – Despite the down of real estate market and the low financial liquidity, many owners of the resort villa projects still open sale on their products. This fact shows that the resort villa segment is still drawing special attention of the customers-investors
Toward potential customers
The down of real estate market seems not to create much impact on the resort villa segment. As well, customers of resort villas are also less influenced by changes of real estate market. This is a joyful signal for real estate market in general. Since the beginning of October, many resort villa projects are introducing their products on the market for sale. Most recently, Flamingo Dai Lai Corporation announced the open of sale of Flamingo Villa 3 – a type of villa at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort (Vinh Phuc province) priced from VND 5 billion/villa and up. Project owner decided to extend the payment term to 10 installments during 5 years as promotion for customers.

From November 2 to 15, INT Group opened the last sale of land lots at Dong Chanh Villa 3 Project with the minimum price of VND 820 million/lot. Dong Chanh Villa 3 is a villa area that includes 32 villas on land lots of from 450 to 600 square meters at Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. Leader of INT Group released that from 16 November, INT Group will continue to sale unfinished villa at Dong Chanh 3 Project with the price from VND 1.45 billion/villa. Before that, on 28 September, Hung Hung Thinh Housing Corporation opened sale of Dalat Hill Villas at Da Lat city with the price from VND 5 million/m2. According to the architectural design, construction density at Dalat Hill Villas is about 30%; the whole project includes 21 independent villas on land lot of from 400 to 830 m2. 

Resort villas could be used as ideal place for relax and enjoyment of comfort life. In addition, they also could be put into business exploitation to utilize the opportunity to make easy money. During the economically difficult period, financial barriers caused investors to miss many golden investment opportunities. Being fully aware of this situation, Vinaconex-ITC has brought to investors new,a “relaxed” payment options. The time gap between the first and the second payments could be extended up to 12 months while all other promotions are kept unchanged. Thus, customers could own a villa with the advanced payment of 30% total value thereof. Besides, Vinaconex-ITC also officially appointed Knight Frank and CBRE as its sale representatives in the sale of villas of Fantasia Villas (C2) under Cat Ba Amatina Project. Price of a villa in this Project is ranging from VND 4 to 11 billion. Fantasia Villas includes 63 lots with the area ranging from 360 to 936 m2. Construction density of the lots is about 25%. There are 1 floor, 1.5 or 2 floor houses. It is expected that these 63 villas will be handed to customers in the end of 2012.
Customers are exciting with Vinaconex-ITC’s sale promotion offers

Design drawing of villas at Cat Ba Amatina Project of Vinaconex-ITC
Hi-class marina – Cat Ba Amatina Project of Vinaconex-ITC

Good signal for market development?

Although the real estate market is down, many resort villa project owners calmly open new sales. Initial statistics show that almost all projects that opened the sale had drawn in many investors to visit and there are many successful transactions. Real estate experts commented that majority of customers of resort villas are the wealthy people who have actual need for use of villas. Mr. Quoc Tuan from My Dinh, Hanoi, an investor who recently bought a villa, shared: “After a week of intensive work in the city, during the weekend, my family would like to enjoy a relaxed time at quiet place and sometimes invite friends to join us. Therefore, I decided to buy a resort villa right at the bank of Tan mountain (Ba Vi area, Hanoi).

Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, an oversea Vietnamese, also come back to Vietnam from Germany to make his investment in a villa at Cat Ba. He shared that although he come back to Vietnam only occasionally, however, he bought villa to use as resort place for his parents to come and relax during holidays, and as property for lease in the other time.

According to Dr. Le Dang Doanh, a trusted economic expert of Vietnam, resort villa is a specific segment of real estate market that still has transactions. It is because most of domestic investors participate in the resort villa market to satisfy their own and actual need for living houses. Beside using villas as a family resort, they can also put villas to business exploitation or exchange them on holidays with similar villa resort abroad on appropriate rates.

Dr. Le Dang Doanh predicted: Although the real estate market is down, but resort villa segment was not heavily impacted as other segments. It is expected that villa segment will have stable and bright perspective, especially at Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ha Long, etc.
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