Tight management of investment by state capitals
The management of state funds in Corporations is hartd for government. The legal provisions  scattered in many documents and is not consistent. It why we need a state investment law.

The new State investment law should be promulgated to manage state capital  in state projects, public works, Corporations, state enterprises. This law is proposed by many delegates at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the morning 18th about adjustment in ordinance in 2010.
Deputy Minister of Justice, Dinh Trung Tung said; The state capital for public projects ( not for trading) is  larger than total social investment (20% -22%).
Meanwhile, the investment management activities are stipulated in various laws such as the State Budget Law, Investment Law, Construction Law, Bidding Law. but They are overlapped, contradictory and  not enough to push back "spread of investment, waste, loss and  lack of sanction”. This requirement is necessary to promulgate the Investment law.

The comments are unified and adopted in the Investment Law with the process at two meetings - the comments at the 7th session in the mid 2010, passing at the eighth session in the late 2010.

About amending and supplementing Resolution 66/2006 of the National Assembly (NA) about important national projects  which submitted to National Assembly, Deputy Minister, Dinh Trung Tung said that this adjustment to save time for the project which does not submit to NA.

There are many projects, and facilities requiring to convert the farmland, mining projects using natural resources, rare minerals with large deposits, the big abroad investment. They are considered and decided by the government.
The National Assembly should pass amending and supplementing resolution session 7th in May-2010 for calling investment  soon.

The Standing Committee of National Assembly also comments on the draft law of commercial arbitrator.
* "Draft Law on Investment is insufficient adjustment in scale of the state investment in the corporation, state enterprises,  Management of state funds  and how to use  investment capital ? "
Phung Quoc Hien, Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Assembly Budget
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