The investors believe in the Vietnam’s abilities attracting the foreign tourists
Shift in investment from urban real estate to tourism property
The investors are shifting investment in seaside villas projects While the investment in urban real estate in major cities have become "crowded ", This is a new form of investment but It is very high safety index.

More than 30 years ago, The British billionaire - Richard Branson was walking on the beach and thought suddenly “What happen if I build a resort on the island?” That idea has been realized as Necker Island project on British Virgin Islands by Branson. Necker Resort is 74 hectare in area with beaches, tropical forests. This project has been invested in the late 1970s. It became the first-class resort, welcoming famous people as Princess-Diana and famous singher - Mariah Carey and the Queen of Talkshow - Oprah Winfrey.
The luxury Resort projects are beyond investor’s ability, but Branson's story is a lesson about the vision for people who are interested in Tourism Real Estate. Necker Island Project is not only bringing millions of dollars for Branson but also showing the level of successful businessman, not for money.
The Vietnam real estate market is in the inception phase, but It is considered as great potential. Comparing with the real estate market in general, the Tourism Real Estate depends on the development of the tourism industry very much. Considering this criteria, The investors believe absolutely in the ability of Vietnam Tourism Real Estate in the near future. It has been proven by projects – billion of US dollar along S-shaped country in two years.
In the North, The urban tourism Cai Gia-Cat Ba is the prominently named by Vinaconex - ITC (Subsidiary of Vinaconex Corporation), with more than 800 eco-villas, many five star hotels and 5 star resorts. Which are expected completing infrastructure in 2012.
The Investors expect that  this project will become a modern ecological tourist area in  international standard, the project can meet the principles of sustainable development and bring into play the Cat Ba’s potentials. Cat Ba island will become the most attractive destination in the world's natural heritage - Ha Long Bay. Until now, the investors have registered Tung Thu Villas completely after completion.
According to Marc Townsend, Executive Director of CBRE: “The tourism property in Vietnam  is newer than other countries in Indochina cause of the Tourism industry in Vietnam is not good as others. Our infrastructure is not good as Bali city 20 years ago. But these difficulties are also opportunities for investors which because Vietnam’s tourism industry will be very strong in the coming years".
"The coastal tourist area attracts more tourists than the urban entertainment that why the investors shift to coastal tourist area. The coastal resorts are used by the investors for rest or for rent, that the reason why the tourism property is very safe", said Marc Townsend.

Statistics of Tourism Bureau show that  Vietnam welcomed 4.2 million international passengers in 2008 and Net revenue was $ 3 billion. In the first seven months of 2009, we welcomed over 2 million international visitors with 1.9 billion US dollar as revenue.  We are trying to welcome from 6 million to 6.5 million of international passengers with 4.5US dollar billion as revenue. This thing  is the golden key to open opportunities for many investors  in the Vietnam property market athought it is fledging.

 In additional, The government have had the open policies to create favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners buying houses and land in Vietnam. Who have money and needs of houses  in Vietnam.
Mr. Nguyen Quang Hai, Chairman, CEO of An Phat Group Joint Stock Company said: "In the past, the investors bought real estate with simply thinking of waiting until the market for profit. Now, the investors are wise in choosing targets. They find the shortest way to recover capital. For example, now there are more coastal projects than before, but the investors will choose stable projects which can be developed, especially for beautiful and famous place which are invested by the state or local government in infrastructure."

According to Masler’s needs tower, people will shift from the basic needs of daily life as eating, drinking, sleeping to  higher needs as  improving ourselves. With these successful businessmen ,Besides needs for a nice house, a car genuine, they also want to own the villas. The second home for family and friends on holidays, a place which they can confirm a person's level of success.
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