No personal income tax exemption for the transfer of houses and land arising
The Finance Ministry has just added a Circular guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Personal Income Tax and Decree No. 100/2008/ND-CP dated 09/08/2008 of the Government.

No personal income tax on salaries of Armed Forces
Circular 02/2010/TT-BTC above were not included in the income levied on personal income tax (PIT) to income from salaries, wages that some civil servants, staff combatants of the armed forces are paid or the payment for individuals under the regulations of the State such as allowance; car serving; money received in the civil regime under current regulations.
In addition, amounts received by civil servants and other individuals have been received from such activities as:  comments, evaluation, verification of legal documents, resolutions, political reports and participate in supervision missions; meet voters and citizens; costumes and other tasks related to direct service activities of the National Assembly Office which is not included in income tax.

Personal income tax exemption just for individuals who transfer residential house and land only
The personal income tax exemption which only applies to individuals transferring  residential land and house  was issued certificate of ownership or usage right by State management agencies. For individuals who already have residential house and land, there will have contract transferring of capital contribution or that one of house and apartment contract transferring incurring, which must pay personal income tax.

The case of inheritance or gift which is the capital contribution contract to buy the right house and apartment are not exempted from income tax under the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 4 of Decree 100/2008 dated on Sep 8, 2008 of the Government.
For income from transfer of property, Circular, applied for persons who have income from real estate transfer will get the tax rate of 25% of income tax, must meet four conditions on the transfer price; purchase price and related expenses; individual who transfers property is responsible for accuracy of the records declared; individual who declares to pay personal income tax at rate of 25% based on the transfer price but lower than the price prescribed by the provincial People's Committee will get the taxe rate of 2% on the price stipulated by Provincial People's Committee.

Continue to be deducted
Resident individuals having income from business, from salary or wages paid for required insurances under the provisions of the Labor Code, Social Insurance law are deducted these amount on income tax before tax yearly.
Foreign individuals who are resident in Vietnam and Vietnamese who resides and works abroad have income from business, from salaries, wages in foreign countries, they have to participate in paying compulsory insurance under the provision of their residential countries similar to the law of Vietnam, such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance… shall be deducted from the premiums that the income tax from business, salary and wages when calculating income tax. The individual mentioned above has to have proved documents. And foreign individuals and Vietnamese who have contributed the above tax amount abroad will be deducted in their income so as to have tax deduction in year ( voucher included) and settlement at the end of year; in the case of no voucher to deduct, there will be deduction once after tax settlement.
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