Development of Community tourism in Cat Ba - People's lives will be improved
We can see the changing a lot of tourism trend in Cat Ba at this moment through images of group of tourists coming Cat Ba in winter, especially for ecological community  tourism in  Viet Hai, Xuan Dam, Hien Hao – Cat Ba. It shows us how we make tourism not depending on season. The most important things we have to  pay attention that how community tourism keeps the ecological criteria and development of the life of indigenous peoples. 

How people get benefit from community tourism

Visitors come to Cat Ba this time, they are happy to explore nature, local culture and enjoy the fresh air of the many places such as Lan Ha Bay, Viet Hai community , Xuan Dam, Hien Hao, Gia Luan.
The visitors are very interested in community tour, More and more tourists chose Viet Hai  as a great destination. Local people service by themselves, as tour guides, the people recommend tourists about place - names, natural resources, cultural and community values. There are dozens of households in the commune work as bicycle rentals, they also supply accommodation service and taxis. They are clearly each corner of the forest, mountains, and caves. They are not only the "guide" but also they introduce to guests the "mystery" about the species of plants and animals, plants, flowers. Therefore, they can get 200,000 to 300,000 dong per day easily, especially for accommodation for overnight cause of the remote terrain. Meanwhile, people can expand services of food for customers these foods are from vegetables, seafood, pork, and frogs.

 The people in Tran Chau, Gia Luan, Xuan Dam can develop orchard on particular terrain that alternate hills and the residential area, this thing is very practical, and it  can help the people increase income from fruit products and tourism services, Lien Minh is an  example. In fact, this is one area with many hills and fruit gardens, It attracts a lot of visitors to picnic and discovering beauty nature. Some families supply leisure services and discovery with food service as chicken Lien Minh, cucumbers, green vegetables.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Dung, Village 2, Gia Luan commune , said, , The people toward maintenance and restoration of traditional fruit trees, special local trees such as thin- skinned sweet orange as well as his family. Some local states have campaigned people growing garden with garden – forest architecture linking with development of eco-tourism - village.  This is the way to catch the opportunity for development of tourism, especially foreign tourists.. Mr. Dung said that one family can get 20 to 40 million from fruit and tourism services per year after costs.

The community tourism overcomes the seasonal tourism

The development of community tourism in Cat Ba Island not only retain tourists longer by various tourism products but also high income for local people through food service, selling souvenirs and creating more employment. Mr.Bui Trung Nghia – Chairman of Cat Hai district: "The district focus on developing community tourism it helps people get more benefits. First, people get revenues from tourism services; it is much larger than that from the agricultural production. Then benefits are from development of infrastructure. In addition, there are other benefits such as employment, cultural exchange, and the consciousness of culture is enhanced especially. "

According to Vu Tien Bay – Manager of Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism -Cat Hai district, The Development of community tourism is based on people, the people do by themselves. Therefore, people are aware of benefits from community tourism from daily life, and traditional culture which are the most important to make a success of community tourism. Ms. Bui Thi Xuan- Village 3, Xuan district  crowd said: "Tourists come to her village getting more and more. All visitors are invited to their gardens for purchasing fruits, home stays or not. It depends on the visitor’s demand, However, they are always welcomed "
Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that, the tourism community is effective, It needs support on finance, professional tourism skills and a clear legal framework for tourism. The development of community tourism can help for development of economy, lsociety and improving people's life, it is also contributing to overcome the seasonal tourism, and Tourism is not only in summer.
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