Resort Real Estate Raises Liquidity
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Vice President and General Secretary of Vietnam Tourism Real Estate Group, Mr. Than Thanh Vu said that Resort Real Estate is a new investment wave which is very potential and raises liquidity.

What do you think about the development trend of resort real estate market of Vietnam?

 - This is a potential market. Recently, I came to Binh Thuan province, which started the resort real estate investment wave with many successful projects. Many investors talked to me that when taking the chance of investing in this model, the market had increased in liquidity.
In the past, it took much time for an investor to recover the capital in a resort project. However, because of the sale of each small item such as a villa to smaller investors, the liquidity is raised. Moreover the demand of tourism and resort is growing up. And small investors, who might be tourists or real estate renters, create flurried and liquidated market. In brief, the market is the trend all over the country
In Da Nang, there are many luxury resorts invested by selling to secondary investors. A luxury resort The Nam Hai of Indochina Capital is the pioneer of this service. In the North, Tuan Chau (Ha Long) and Cat Ba (Haiphong) also has had many villas sold to investors.

However, this service is relatively new in Vietnam. Many investors suppose that there are some challenges in it such as different operations in each region causing difficulties in investment.

-    Yes, this situation still happens. As I know, investors are facing barriers because they cannot separate “red book” when buying villas in the resort. Each region has their own operation. For example, in Binh Thuan province, the region government, thanks to Tourism Real Estate Group to celebrate business consultations, takes feedback from authority so as to separate the items in the complex for providing red book to investors. In some region such as Ba Ria – Vung Tau, however, are not able to do this. That makes investors undo resort real estate transaction. In this case, the Tourism Real Estate Group asked some authority to have the own regulations in the segment.

In your opinion, is there any increase in resort real estate market when some new rules applied for the house ownership of foreigner in Vietnam?
- Although the policy is clear, investors are still confused. When I had been to some countries in the world, the effects of the economic crisis have not been stopped completely. This influences Vietnam market in both supply and demand. That foreigners own house in Vietnam need to be directed carefully by Ministry of Construction for a brighter future.

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