Real Estate is still safe investment
According to Mr. Thin, year 2009 is very ‘hot’ to Real Estate market. Many new policies are issued, many new projects are planned, many new trends are launched… In the case of fluctuated gold market and low stock market, real estate is still a safe investment.

He said, the recovery of World economic situation along with the stable growth in Vietnam will encourage Vietnam real estate market in general, that one in the North in particular. He emphasized that year 2010 will be the margin of Vietnam Real Estate development through some factors. Firstly, in the result of population and housing census in 2009, Vietnam has 1.2 billion m2 of house and will have the total area of 2 billion m2 in 2020. Hence, the housing area which needs to be built more each year is 100 million m2. That proves the real estate market is hotter and hotter in the near future.

Secondly, the economic growth has increased gradually, people’s income is higher and higher and the population aged from 22 to 35 which is 65% has the high housing demand. Thirdly, the policies of housing management and real estate market, especially in credit policy in the market are improved. Fourthly, that the State’s opening policy for foreigners and Vietnamese expatriates who are allowed to buy house in Vietnam will stimulate Vietnam real estate in 2010. Lastly, FDI in Vietnam is increasing gradually, which means the number of experts or professionals working in Vietnam is growing stably.

In the conference, Deputy Minister of Construction, Mr Nguyen Tran Nam gave his analysis about the Vietnam real estate market in 2010. It will be recovered because the demand for housing, commercial business store, office for rent is increasing, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The market continues attracting investors, not only in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city but in other regions. Housing Development Programs for low income people and other ones develop strongly, contributing to adjust market and assure social welfare.

To stabilize the Vietnam real estate market, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam mentioned to implement some urgent solutions. These includes early issuing financial structure for the market development, especially focusing on key housing programs ( house for worker in industrial parks, house for low income people in Urban, house for student and the poor)
Besides, in his opinion, it’s necessary to raise the commodity demand for the market and speed up the construction for information system of real estate market and early launch its operation in order to help the real estate market’s operation.
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