Founder of Livingston Group worked with leaders of VINACONEX JSC and VINACONEX-ITC
On 21 February 2012, Representatives of leaders of VINACONEX JSC and VINACONEX-ITC held a working meeting with Dr. Robert Livingston at VINACONEX JSC headquarters, 34 Lang Ha street, Hanoi.

Leaders of VINACONEX JSC and VINACONEX-ITC at the meeting with Dr. Livingston

Robert L. Livingston is a Founding Partner of The Livingston Group and a distinguished former Republican Member of Congress from Louisiana.  He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election in 1977 and was re-elected to eleven successive two-year terms. Mr. Livingston served as a member of the Appropriations Committee through most of his time in Congress. He was chosen by his peers to serve as Speaker-designate for the 106th Congress – and thus became one of the 5 most powerful persons of the USA. Livingston Groups established by him is one of the most famous lobbying firms in Washington DC, that provides overall lobbying services such as policy lobby, lobby on social events and on strategic communication services, etc.

Business of Livingston Group cover a wide range of fields on global scope, from banking and financial services, to oil and gas, investment, education and non-profit organizations, energy, web security, national defense, environment and natural resources, taxation, international health and pharmacy, science, telecommunications, transportation, delivery service, shipbuilding and seaport services, etc.

Dr. Livingston is also representative or sponsor to many Universities among the TOP 100 universities in the US, especially University of Louisiana. Dr. Robert Livingston visit Vietnam during this February in order to work with several Government Officials, banks and organizations of Vietnam. He also meet representatives of VINACONEX JSC and VINACONEX-ITC with the view to discuss cooperation opportunities in investment to Cat Ba Amatina Project’s hotel-casino, to vocational training and other upgrading training services.

Dr. Robert Livingston and his associates are working with Vinaconex-ITC on investment into Cat Ba Amatina Project

During the working session on 21 February, VINACONEX JSC introduced to Dr. Robert Livingston cooperation opportunities in investment, financial, education and vocational training fields. In addition, the two sides also discussed opportunity to create direct cooperation between Livingston and VINACONEX-ITC, including:

-  Discuss the cooperation in investment to Cat Ba Amatina Project, especially to the development of hotel-casino;
-  Discuss the cooperation in training by creating the relationship between a US and a Vietnamese vocational training institutions for carrying out vocational training and professional upgrading training;
-   Study opportunities to make investment into VINACONEX JSC and VINACONEX-ITC.
On 23 February 2012, Dr. Robert Livingston departed Hanoi for Cat Ba island, Haiphong city to visit Cat Ba Amatina Project hosted by VINACONEX-ITC. Later on, Dr. Robert Livingston will have another meeting at Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.
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