For me, Vietnam is a “tiger”

Twenty years ago, the term “tiger” was used to address countries with great potentials to be exploited. For me, Vietnam is a “tiger”.

The impressive return of Prof. Dr. John Snow to Vietnam after his first visit to chair Conference titled “Is Vietnam a destination of world economic empires” held in Hanoi in November 2011 could be considered as an outstanding event last week. The purpose of his return is to sign Memorandum of Understanding with Vinaconex-ITC on 13 January 2012 at Hanoi Hilton.
Prof. Dr. John Snow at MOU signature ceremony with Vinaconex-ITC on 13 January 2012. (Photo: QM)

The MOU contains many issues such as to assist, cooperate or to introduce the foreign investors to Cat Ba Amatina Project owned by Vinaconex-ITC; and to study business opportunities in other real estate development projects in Vietnam; to provide consultant, investment, finance-banking services and co-operate and/or introduce to VINACONEX-ITC investors who are interested in conducting high quality professional and vocational training; to develop real estate management and to utilize other business opportunities in Vietnam
This positive and convincing answer is a kind of the giant Cerberus making first food step on Vietnam to start a carefully considered and designed roadmap.

“The openness, the readiness to welcome new ideas, the efforts to realize opportunities from outside of Vietnamese businesses” had created good impression and sympathy of Dr. Snow during his first visit to Vietnam two months ago. “As I can see, Vietnam has great potentials for development”.

Twenty years ago, the term “tiger” was used to address countries with great potentials to be exploited. For me, Vietnam is a “tiger”. Because Vietnamese people are very creative, and hard working. Especially, Vietnam has one of the biggest human labor resources out of more than 80 million young and dynamic population. Those are favorable conditions to develop country strongly and to bring it to the success. 

“However, to better the situation and to grow national economy of Vietnam in more effective manner, to create more jobs and to make country more prosperous are not at all the easy tasks. There should be a high commitments from business leadership. Businessmen should always be ready to change.”

While sharing the reason for choosing Vietnam as the place to return for the future investment plans, the world leading investment advisor remarks: “I am not observing situations to propose detailed solutions. My way of doing the things is to participate in the forums and discussions, to share my own knowledge and experience for the people to make their own lessons and conclusions.”

Five-star resort project at Cat Ba of Vinaconex-ITC that caught the eye of Chairman of Cerberus investment fund promises to be an optimal beginning for the appearance of US and world leading corporations in Vietnam.
“This is a long-term project. When crisis is over and situation become better, the Project could be ready for customers”- Prof. Dr. John Snow assured at the press conference held in the afternoon, 13 January 2012.

Dr. John Snow and Mr. Tran Ngoc Quang, General Director of Vinaconex ITC at the MOU signature ceremony.

The point at which Cerberus and Vinaconex-ITC “meet” is the idea to make Cat Ba Amatina a world-class resort, the magnificent attraction of which is irresistible to the neighboring countries. The unique and the difference of Cat Ba Amatina should be maximized to enable it competing with any other tourist destination, any resort over the world was the press release of the investor.

Event organizer, Ms. Anna Nguyen from Link World International, shared that she would like business community of Vietnam to “make the most of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to approach the leader of such a giant investment fund of the world”.

The presence of Chairman of a giant investment fund in Hanoi on 13 January is a convincing realization of the projected MOU signature ceremony, and, according to many observers, is a successful “PR” for the image of Vietnam in the eyes of international investment circle. Now, it is the turn of Vietnam to utilize and promote such opportunity.

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