On 16-18 November, 2011, Vietnamese businesses had a “golden opportunity” to directly talk with Dr. John William Snow, 73rd Treasury Secretary, Chairman of Cerberus Capital Management Firm – America’s and world’s leading investment fund.

Dr. John William Snow –Chairman of Cerberus Capital Management L.P. – one of the America’s and world’s leading investment fund.

Prof. Snow (left) was an important assistant to former US President Bush.

LinkWorld Unlimited International (Việt Nam) took 3 years to convince Dr. John William Snow to visit Vietnam and spent USD 1 million for his 3 working days in Vietnam. It is one of the explanation to the “golden opportunity” nature of the event.

Dr. John William Snow is considered the tycoon of two centuries and the father to hundreds of world-known trade marks.
According to Mrs. Anna Nguyen, Cerberus Asia Director, currently, Cerberus legal capital is USD 3,250 billions, and it has 350,000 workers worldwide. Its annual revenue is equal to Vietnam’s annual GDP (USD 73-74 billions). At present, Cerberus does not have any direct investment in Vietnam, however, its indirect investment in Vietnam – through capital injection into its counterparts operating in Vietnam - has already reach USD 28 billion. “We own many world big corporations and companies. The famous brand names such as Japan Airlines, Mercedes, City Group, Sheraton, etc. that are operating in Vietnam are not belonging to Japanese, German or any other person or people; they all owned by Cerberus” – Mrs. Anna Nguyen released.

In 2 days, 16 and 18 November 2011, Dr. Snow will host 2 international conferences in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City themed: how to build a global brand name, decision making moment in the unstable periods; is Vietnam a destination of world economic “empires”?

During his stay in Vietnam, Dr. Snow expressed his great interest in working with State and Party leaders and businessmen of Vietnam.

On 15 November, to start his working visit to Vietnam, Prof. Dr. John William Snow, the US 73rd Secretary of Treasury, had held a press conference.

Addressing the media’s question on “golden opportunity” for Vietnamese businesses during the Cerberus Chairman’s first visit to Vietnam, especially in circumstance, when the visit takes place during the global crisis and inflation that impacts many economies, including Vietnam, Dr. John Snow shared that he is working on concrete perspectives, topics and issues for discussions with Vietnamese leaders and businessmen in the capacity of an investor.
Dr. John William Snow – Former US Secretary of Finance (3rd from left) and MA Tran Ngoc Quang, General Director of Vinaconex-ITC (1st from right) at press conference held on 15.11.2011

At this international workshop, a man with “super logical brain” – leader of a leading investment management firm also expressed his optimism and confidence. He stated: “I believe the investors will come to Vietnam”, because “Vietnam has many good factors. Those are rich culture and people’s creativeness – the valuable property to create wealth and prosperity. Besides, education and inquisitive nature play significant and important role. Vietnam already had idea to improve its trade balance by development of the key strategic markets. This will have long-run positive impacts. And the time will help to answer the question on your potentials.

Dr. Snow-Chairman of world’s leading investment fund Cerberus Capital Management L.P. and MA Tran Ngoc Quang, General Director, Vinaconex-ITC

For Cerberus, the visit of Dr. Snow and other Cerberus’s senior executives to Vietnam could serve as a primary market research trip. This trip receives great support from Government, ministries, agencies as well as domestic and foreign corporations and companies in Vietnam. The contacts and discussions with independent and join partners in Vietnam will provide Cerberus with many information on Vietnam. “Only after that, can we decide on Cerberus’s direct investment into Vietnam”, stated Mrs. Anna Nguyen, Cerberus’s Asia Director.

General Director of Vinaconex-ITC,Tran Ngoc Quang with State President Truong Tan Sang and Party leaders in meeting with the Cerberus  investment fund leading by Dr. Snow as the Chairman

This is a good news for foreign investment in Vietnam.

Mrs. Anna Nguyen also added that her company is very proud to be able to invite Dr. Snow to Vietnam and hoping that during his visit, Vietnamese businessmen will have chance to introduce business opportunities in Vietnam to Dr. Snow and to other American companies. This, in turn, may contribute to the acceleration of foreign direct investment in Vietnam, and to the expansion of business in tourism and in many other industries of the country.
According to the plan, during 2 conferences in Hanoi (16 November) and in Ho Chi Minh City (18 November), Dr. Snow will share with Vietnamese leaders and businessmen secrets of business success and contribute to the search of answer for the question of how can Vietnam attract attention of world’s leading brand names, expecially of world giant investment fund or of world economic empires”.
Leader of a world leading investment fund, father of world famous trademarks and some Vietnamese businessmen in Hanoi press conference
The reception of Dr. Snow is a significant event for Vietnamese businesses. Participation of Vinaconex-ITC in such an event also opens a great opportunity for cooperation between Vinaconex-ITC and world leading investment fund Cerberus and its member-investors in development of business activities of the company in Cat Ba Amatina Project as well as in many other projects and activities of mutual benefits such as occupational training, human resource development, etc.

Some information and pictures about Vinaconex-ITC and its pending Cat Ba Amatina Project

Cat Ba Amatina Project enjoys many advantages and potentials. Cat Ba island owns a strategic location next to Ha Long Bay – a famous World Natural Heritage, one of the New7Wonders. Cat Ba Amatina Project is the only international ecological tourist project that combines development of modern and complex urban quarter with private but friendly living spaces, with luxurious and convenient marina. This Project receives special attention and support from the Government, Hai Phong City and local leaders. At present, the Project is completing some components and putting them into operation, making Cat Ba Amatina a bright tourist spot that satisfies hi-end relax and entertainment demand of people.

Marina - Cat Ba Amatina Project

Moonia Beach – one of components of Cat Ba Amatina Project already put into exploitation.

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