Cat Ba Island – a Pearl of the Sea
30 km to the east from Haiphong city is Cat Ba Island - Pearl Island. It’s named like that because of possessing spectacular array of sea and island scenery. Of 1969 small and large islands of Ha Long bay, Cat Ba is the largest island. With its pristine and romantic beauty, Cat Ba is an ideal place to rest and release stress.

In the current time, tourists can reach Cat Ba Island by boat, by way or by air. Each mean of transport can leave tourists different feelings. If you come to Cat Ba Island by boat, you can enjoy feelings of being a part of sea. If you come by way, you can watch the beautiful scenery of two roadsides. Especially, when you go through Cat Ba National Park, you will be eager to see goat-cages located on mountain slopes.

Many people said that, if you haven’t visited natural caves and grottos, it means you have not ever been there. In Cat Ba Island, tourists can visit Trung Trang Grotto. There are a lot of beautiful natural stalactites that makes you feel like flying high, visiting the Elysium on earth. The grotto can accommodate hundreds of people. You can also see rare rock field with parallel rocks and pure sounds or visit Lan Ha Bay, Cai Gia Bay. Tourists can anchor the boat, and then comfortably dive or go fishing. Under the azure sea, there are many colorful coral reefs. Startling greens, blues, yellows, and reds paint the creatures of the reefs.

When the night comes, you can go along with fishermen to catch fish, and then roast fish by the way of actual fishermen.

If tourists want to find a secluded haven, you can climb over the mountain slopes to swim on the beaches: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Dua, Cat Ong, Cat Tien, Cat Trai Gai, Duong Danh….They are very beautiful and secretive. Cat Ba sea has high salinity. Water is transparent, and tourist can see through the water to sea floor. In the future, it is expected to build aquariums here for people to see directly dolphins, tortoises, shrimps and colorful coral reefs.
Trans-island road: 27km long with many mountain pass, meander cols, slopes, along the sea shore, through National Park, spectacular array of sea and island scenery.

 Cat Ba National Park: 15 km to the North - West of the town. This Park covers an area of 15,200 ha, including 9,800 ha of forests with splendid grottoes. In tropical and primeval forests, there is a rich fauna and flora. There are 745 species of plants, including various species of rare wood trees so as Tri Ly, Lat Hoa, Lim Set, Gie Hoa, Kim Giao, white wood. Kim Giao chopsticks used to be offered to Kings which can cause bubbles and turn itself into red when touched poisoned food. Cho Dai tree that can be found in the old forest is endangered species named in the Red Book, the only other in the world where we can find this tree is Himalaya mountain. Cat Ba National Park is home for 20 species of mammals, 69 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and species of amphibians, species of 11 frogs. Particularly, the rarest animals in the world that can only be found in Viet Nam are Vooc (white-headed monkeys). Another strange one is Ma Tien fruit, a toxic fruit, if a person eats Ma Tien he will die immediately, but the white-headed Vooc can eat both leaf and fruit to feed themselves.
In the current time, Cat Ba is one of four World Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam. Cat Ba has many types of ecosystems: tropical forest, mangrove forest, sea, grottos, mountain…, so the climate of Cat Ba is a combination of them. Consequently, Cat Ba becomes a breathtaking destination for tourists in general and for investors in particular to develop tourism real estate.
* Cat Ba archipelago consists of 367 islands, of which Cat Ba island is the largest island. Cat Ba island lies in the South of Ha Long Bay, 30 km from Haiphong city, 25km from Quang Ninh province. Cat Ba island is of Cai Hai district, Haiphong city.
* Cat Ba island is named Pearl Island – the largest island of 1969 islands of Ha Long Bay.
* Cat Ba island is very poetic and pretty, 70 m height from sea level (about 0 – 331m). On Cat Ba Island, there are 6 communes: Gia Luan, Hien Hao, Phu Long, Tran Chau, Viet Hai, Xuan Dam. Ethnic group mainly is Kinh.
* Mean of transport to Cat Ba Island: boat, car, ferry, airplane…
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