Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve
In the press conference organized by Ministry of foreign affairs of Vietnam and UNESCO at Hanoi on March 17th, it was claimed that Cat Ba archipelago (Haiphong city) was recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve.

UNESCO officially recognized Cat Ba archipelago as the World Biosphere Reserve in the session of International Council on Man and the Biosphere program at Paris on October 29th 2004, said UNESCO.

To Vietnam, this decision will boost her economic development, travel and marine products industry. In addition, Cat Ba Island will have a chance to take part in the international network of science research, to be supported in surveying environment and biological diversity.    
With this claim, Vietnam has 4 World Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO: Can Gio Mangrove Forest, Cat Tien National Park, Red River Delta, and Cat Ba Island.
Until now, UNESCO has recognized 459 Biosphere Reserve of 97 countries.
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