International gateway port of Hai Phong (Lach Huyen port)
According to Decision No. 501/QD-BGTVT dated February 29, 2008 of Ministry of Transport about the Haiphong international gateway port’s development, through 2020, and oriented to 2030, the gateway port’s system will be developed along the South of Lach Huyen district, the two sides along the Chanh river in the territory of Haiphong city and Quang Ninh province ( to 2030); and in the potential phase it will be extended to the North bank of Lach Huyen gateway and near Nam Trieu one.

This will be the international gateway port, commercial hub, to meet the demand of imported goods by large vessels for economic and social development of the Northern provinces. The construction of this port goes through three stages as follows:

- 2010 – 2015 period (Inception Phase). This is the first phase focusing on building harbor zone for large tonnage commercial ships, the harbor for liquid goods and the works for protecting the port and shipping channel, the public utility service for port operation. Besides, the task is to improve the transportation system connected to the port:  Building two - lane road and Dinh Vu - Cat Hai ferry with the scale suitable to the next stages
To 2020 Period, the planning of Haiphong international gateway port is to meet about 35 million tons of goods per year. Simultaneously, the expanded transport system connected with the port is to build a road with a scale of 6 lanes, if the railway is not constructed. In the case of building a single-scale railway, that road will have only four lanes.

- To 2030 Period, the planning of Haiphong international gateway port is to meet the  estimated volumes of 120 million tons per year.
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