Actively Implemented Tasks

nfrastructure is being construction and beach is completed including: sand filling to complete the Beach, construction of embankment, café, freshwater bathrooms,… to be operated before June, 2007.
Project roads are connected to the island through road to create a favorable location for the project.
Two Transformer Stations of 750KVA and 630KVA are being constructed and expected to complete in 2007.
Construction Drawings for infrastructure components of Phase I-A of the Project including traffic, drainage, high-voltage and low-voltage connections, transformer station and Communication systems are being prepared.
Selection of Contractors for remained components of Phase I-A are being carried out.
Sports and Entertainment Zone at Phase I-A are being constructed.Project Promotion Activities: Vinaconex approved Marketing Mechanism for the project in 2007. Accordingly, Project Management Unit worked with local and international partners and is considering the investment capacity of these partners. This potential project has opened big opportunity for investors with open cooperation under various types such as association, joint venture or 100% foreign owned…
On July 7, 2006, Markcom Group Co., Ltd (Markcom), a leading company, was signed the contract with VInaconex for being Sales Promotion and Investment Invitation Agent for Vinaconex. Markcom, on behalf of Vinaconex, carried out promotion activities for the project basing on Project Investment Development Policy of Vinaconex.
Vinaconex continues discussing with local and international partners on investment promotion and construction corporation plan for the project in accordance with Marketing Mechanism approved by Board of Directors of Vinaconex and complying with Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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