At 8:00 AM 28 March 2012, at Conference Room of Vinaconex Fashion Building, 39 Nguyen Thi Dinh street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vinaconex Investment and Tourism Development Joint-Stock Company (Stock Code: VCR) formally organized its 2012 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

162 shareholders, who hold 33,840,000 shares, which consist of 96.027% total voting shares of the Company had participated in the Meeting.

After serious and responsible working agenda as previously planned, Shareholders' Meeting had discussed and reached total consensus (100%) in voting for important business issues of the Company as follows:

Passed business results of 2011 with the following indicators:
+ Total value of business transactions:  234.03 billion VND, which was 91% of plan
+ Revenue:     87.684 billion VND, which was 97% of plan
+ Profit:     20.817 billion VND, which was 100% of plan

Passed business plan for 2012 with the following indicators"
+ Projected total value of business transactions:  57.915 billion VND
+ Projected Revenue:     81.458 billion VND
+ Projected profit:     5.110 billion VND

Besides, the Meeting also discussed and passed several other important business documents such as:
- Financial report of the Company for 2011, audited by Deloitte LTD;
- Profit allocation option after 2011 fiscal year;
- Report of Board of Directors reviewing business management and administration activities of the Company in 2011 and key objectives and tasks for 2012;
- Report of Control Board on management activities of Board of Directors and administration activities of General Director in 2011;
- Dismissed 1 member of Board of Directors and approved outcome of replacement election (for 2008-2013 term).
Company's short term objective is to mobilize all resources to achieve highly-effective and successful investment in Cat Ba Amatina Project; and thus to gain experiences and firm financial basis to implement larger and more effective real estate projects. Company also aims at strong development of real estate supporting businesses such as real estate transactions, brokerage, auction, valuation services, etc. with the view to step-by-step build and develop real estate management businesses, with the focus to be paid on real estate tourism. Company will also develop other projects in the new business fields such as training, construction, production, service, etc. in order to ensure effective and sustainable development.

Long term objective of Vinaconex-ITC is to transfer it into a Vietnam's leading business that owns strong trade name, widely and deeply engages in domestic and international cooperation in real estate and tourism fields. Vinaconex-ITC also develops Cat Ba Amatina into a world class business and eco-tourist center, a safe and unique destination for domestic and international tourists; and further, in may different ways and forms develops new world class tourist destinations and new business activities at big economic and political centers of the country under Vinaconex-ITC trade name. Vinaconex-ITC will formulate its own unique cultural characteristics and contribute to development and enrichment of Vinaconex business culture in harmonious relationship with shareholders and with other counterparts.

The Meeting had successfully completed at noon of the same day.

Some pictures of the Meeting

Presidium of the Meeting

Overview of the Meeting Hall

Chairman of Board of Director Trịnh Hoàng Duy delivered speech at the Meeting

General Director Trần Ngọc Quang presented at the Meeting

Shareholders vote on issues discussed during the Meeting


Sharehold elect new member of Board of Directors

Service teams of the Meeting:


Vote-counting team


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