After working session between VINACONEX-ITC and Dr. John W. Snow, Chairman of Cerberus in January 2012, several businesses paid special attention to Cat Ba Amatina Project and would like to spend a touring visit to Project site.

On 09 March 2012, at its Headquarters, VINACONEX JSC held meeting with Mr. Billy Cooper, representative of Cerberus Capital, Mr. Ahmed Saeed, representative of Nomura Bank and representatives of VINACONEX-ITC to discuss cooperation opportunities between parties.

After the meeting, the Delegation moved to Quang Ninh province and visited Cat Ba Amatina Project on 10 March 2012. Although time was short, meeting and visit were effective due to the openess of the parties. At Cat Ba Amatina Project site, VINACONEX-ITC had proved feasibility and effectiveness of the project. Mr. Billy Cooper and Mr. Ahmad Saeed were very happy with the trip and with what VINACONEX-ITC had done on Cat Ba – Pearl Island. By the end of trip, representatives of Cerberus Capital and Nomura Bank committed to come back with their investors to directly invest in the Project.

So far, VINACONEX-ITC received and is receiving several big investors who pay special attention to its Project. Most of international investors highly appreciate the feasibility of the project dur to its great location. Those investors are working further with VINACONEX-ITC to bring investment fund to the Project. It could be predicted that in the coming time, Cat Ba Amatina Project in particular and Cat Ba Island in general will become an attractive, un-misseable destination for tourists. To invest in to Cat Ba Amatina Project now is sure a smart decision of investors who have long, perspective vision.

•    Brief introduction to Nomura Investment Bank
Nomura is an investment bank specialized in provision of fund-gathering solutions and consultation to institutions, organizations and governments all over the world.
Key fields of operation of Nomura include:
-  Mergers & Acquisition: provide consultation on acquisition, merger of public and private companies, in whole or in part;
-  Corporate Finance Advisory: Identify and analyse exchange opportunitites and manage customers’ relationship;
-  Global Finance and Capital Raising: provide advisory on structuring, realization of customers’ potentials to increase shared capital.
•    Some pictures of the meetings

Leaders of Vinaconex-ITC and Cerberus Capital Management representative, Mr. Billy Cooper and Nomura Investment Bank, Mr. Ahmed Saeed in the working meeting at VINACONEX JSC Headquarters on 09 March 2012

General Director Trần Ngọc Quang posed with Delegation of investors on boat touring Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

Delegation of investors is visiting sample villa – the one that looks out toward Oceania 5-star hotel which locates at the heart of Project.

Exchange of talk and working views on boat which is cruising from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Amatina Project is gaining credit from international investors – the fact that shows its great potentials.

Having location adjacent to New World Natural Heritage Halong Bay is a great natural advantage of Cat Ba Amatina Project that no other project can compete.

Delegation posed for picture at Cat Ba Amatina Project site
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