Marina Bay Villas
Marina Bay Villas (B2)

1.General Information
•    Planning Parameter
Parameter Marina Bay Villas Unit
Land area 27.926,68 m2
Lots 62
Average Area/lot 300-600 m2
40 %
Storey of Average 3 tầng

•   The Marina Bay Villas location:

Be a center area in  Phase IB of Cat Ba Amatina Project.
-    The East    : Multi-functioned entertainment area
-    The West    : Fantasia Villas villages
-    The South: Orient to landscape river and Oceania Five star hotel of the Project
-    The North    : Next to Bazaar Avenue Villas

Marina Bay Villas location in the Project:

Floor plan of lots of Marina Bay Villas

Overview of Marina Bay Villas

2. Property values of Marina Bay Villas

The Project is located in Cai Gia Gulf, Cat Ba island - the Pearl island – the natural gift with unique and fantastic natural landscapes, Hai Phong city. Cat Ba Amatina project has been developed to become world –class integrated marina – casino – theme park resort. The Project design is the combination of exquisite European decor style and original Vietnamese decor with international standard.

Currently, Cat Ba Amatina project creates big opportunities for investors, supplies 62 villa lots of Marina Bay Villas (B2) with vacationed function. Owners of these villas not only possess private space in beautiful location but also can enjoy the dominance and special values of the World Biosphere Reserve – fantastic Natural wonder of primitive forests of The Pearl Island – Cat Ba island and the values from the whole project, this is: marina services, Hotel and restaurant services, themeparks, shopping & commercial center, and series of sport & relax services, etc.

Nowadays, quality of life is getting better and better and the demand of having a “second home” for relaxation to forget all tiredness, stress, work pressure, endless meetings… and sharing moments of life with family members is really necessary. Nothing is more wonderful than the moments of the whole family boating to peaceful and beautiful islands together and enjoy pleasant moments in villas with fresh atmosphere and salty taste of sea. And then we can feel true values of life, of ourselves. You yourself will obviously realize the former efforts yesterday for your bright future and this investment is extremely significant.

The target which successful and rich people want to achieve is nothing other than the specific value. It can be a relaxing place to care for themselves, their family, children, friends or beloved ones. Dream of success is not out of reach, it is value of our existing property such as an eco-villa possession in wonderful natural place with a yacht for you and your family to enjoy vacation or holidays, and you are highly appreciated and recognized.
Opportunity to be recognized is not always available because of the rareness and endemic factors at a high level of international-scale projects in Cat Ba Island. And this is not only the opportunity to share with beloved ones the values of life in a favorable destination, but also the opportunities for make a profit from your investment as Marina Bay Villas is oriented to be managed and operated by “timeshare” or second home model which sharply develops in developed countries in the world and starts to develop in Vietnam.

With the popular application “time share ownership” or “second home” model in Vietnam, Families in Vietnam will make their dream of owning vacationed villas come true. For this model, owners easily have opportunities to exchange their holiday with other villas owners in famous locations such as Alamanda Laguna Phuket (in Thailand), Berjaya Tioman (in Malaysia), Blue Point Bay Bali (in Indonesia)… Besides, the benefit of this model is the extremely low rates, top service and accommodations. Moreover, owners can share the cost of cleaning, maintenance and other fees with other owners. “Time share” model not only brings chances to explore the world for tourists, but also attract millions of international tourists to Vietnam. This will be closely connect Vietnam to the world while contributing to the development of Vietnam tourism industry and promote the image of Vietnam to the World.

3.    Villas Models

Sample villas 10

Sample villas 5A

Sample villas 5C