Tung Thu Villas
1. Introduction in general

•    Planning parameter
  Tung Thu resort Unit
Area 16.448 m2
Number of lots 87 Lots
Area of double villa 160 m2
Area of single villa 320 m2
Construction density 60 %
Average height 4 Storeys
•    Location of resorts

Location of Tung Thu resort in the project

Perspective figure of Tung Thu resort

2. Value of possession

Resort Tung Thu locates in an ideal place of Cat Ba Amatina project: along the river and close to service sub-projects such as: Kim Giao International Convention Palace, Moonia beach, Sportiva Complex, Sensilia hotel….This will be the synchronous complex which will be first completed and operated in Cat Ba Amatina project. 

Having villas in Tung Thu resort, you will have chances:
-    To possess high-class ecological villas in a relaxed environment with beautiful and diverse nature.
-    To have the stable, long-term certificate of land use in accordance with Vietnam’s Law.
-    To be given preferential treatment from the Government’s policy. 
-    To be the first-comers investing in new and attractive real estate products in Vietnam. 
-    To do business, lease ecological villas, or grant powers to somebody if you have enough time, but you still have proprietary rights, income and place to relax anytime you want. 
-    To enjoy added value benefits from the synchronous technical infrastructure of the project and the Government.
-    Simultaneously, to be given added value benefits from diverse and abundant tourism potentiality of The World Biosphere Reserve.

3. Sample villas

Samples of single villas

Samples of double villas