Ways to Cat Ba Amatina project:

Some projects supporting transport to Cat Ba island:

1.    5B highway Hanoi - Haiphong:

•    Head investor: Vietnam infrastructure development and finance investment JSC.
•    Location: parallel with 5A, from Hanoi to Dinh vu Ferry, Hai Phong
•    Direction: 105,5 km length, across Hanoi(6km), Hung Yen (26,5km), Hai Duong(40Km), Hai Phong (33km).
•    Starting Point: Third Belt Road, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
•    Ending Point: Đinh Vu Dam, Hai An District, Hai Phong.
•    Progress: Completed in 2012
•    Level: A Class Highway
•    Speed: 120km/h
•    Number of Lanes: 6 lanes
•    Width: 35m
•    Landscape: design creates the impression of green, clean and beautiful astmosphere
•    On 2/2/2009 simultaneously started in Hanoi, Hung Yen, Hai Duong and Hai Phong.

2.    Dinh Vu – Cat Hai bridge:

•    Arterial roads connecting Hai Phong international gateway port with 5B highway System, 10th Highway and 18th Highway.
•    Head in vestor: Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Finance Investment., JSC (VIDIFI) with four founding shareholders : Asian Development Bank, Vietcombank, Vinaconex Corporation and Saigon Investment Group (SGI).

•    Starting: 10/2009,
•    Estimated Completion: in 2013.
•    Total Length: 16km road bridge to six lanes of cars x 3.75 m.
•    Length of Bridge: 6km, connecting Dinh Vu Peninsula with Cat Hai island
•    Total investment: VND 19,000 billion.
As the point of formation and development of Kunming (China) - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong - Guangxi (China) economic corridor
•    Bringing Hai Phong into the end of goods flow from the southwest China provinces to penetrate the ASEAN market.
•    Motivating stimulate economic and social development of Cat Hai district, effective exploitation of Hai Phong international gateway Port in the future.
•    Facilitating the development of tourism in Biosphere Reserve  areas on Cat Ba Island and the surrounding areas recognized by UNESCO.

3.    Upgrading Cat Bi airport:

•    Runway length: 2.400m (Main Street); 1.500m (street side).
Runway width: 50 meters (Main Street), 15m (road side).
•    Main runway size: 1.600x15 (m);
•    Takeoff and Landing Road Structures: cement concrete - asphalt;
Airfields: 3 airplanes ;
Airport hangar: 80 airplanes;

•    Upgrade project by the city. Hai Phong, Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation Administration of deployment: From 2006 - 2015, route size 3.050mx 50m, A321 receiving aircraft, Boeing 767 or equivalent. From 2015 – 2025, upgrade airport for Boeing 747, 777 landings and take-off equivalent.
•    Total investment: VND 17.000 billions
•    By 2015, Cat Bi Airport will have 8 parking and have 11 parking in 2025. By 2015, capacity of the airport: 2 million passengers and 17 thousand tons of cargo per year.