Asia’s new destination - truly breathtaking
Asia’s new destination - truly breathtaking

The Cat Ba archipelago, consisting of 366 islands large and small, occupies a very special place in the world and in the hearts of nature-lovers across the globe. Recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it is adjacent to the equally magnificent Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site.

Beautiful sunset on CatBa Island
At the heart of this breathtaking destination, perched between misty islands, romantic bays, pristine sandy beaches, emerald blue waters and coral reefs on one side; and soaring limestone karst mountains, mysterious caves and evergreen tropical forest on the other, is Cat Ba Amatina, an international eco-tourism destination and the only integrated township and marina resort development allowed on this protected nature reserve.
Cat Ba Amatina is named after a young woman. Who is she? people ask. Those fortunate to have seen Amatina describe her as beautiful and graceful... yet as mysterious as the morning mist that casts a magical spell over the Cat Ba islands. Amatina is the eternal beauty of Cat Ba, as fresh and pure as Nature, and romantic like the soft moonlight over the silvery bays.

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Everyone has, at some point, glimpsed such a beautiful woman — you do not know who she is, but her face and smile and the way she moves come back so clearly in your mind and reappear in your happy dreams
Cat Ba Amatina offers investors a unique proposition. Intelligently master-planned by a renowned French architect, with sensitive attention to Cat Ba's natural environment, the development offers businesses, residents and visitors the best of both worlds -- a vibrant and thriving commercial area centred around an International Convention Center, 5 and 4-star Hotels, Sports and Entertainment Complex, a Public Marina with al-fresco dining by the waterfront. Importantly, by a dual-carriage highway will link Haiphong City on the mainland to Cat Ba Island, vastly improving accessibility and opening the way for potentially thousands of tourists every month.

One View of CatBa Island
Cat Ba Amatina also offers -- to get away from the tourist crowd and high excitement -- private sanctuaries for residents who can live quietly and peacefully in modern luxurious villas along a beautifully landscaped river with the spectacular limestone mountains as a backdrop. From your doorstep, it's only a short drive to totally immerse oneself in the tranquility of nature, whether it's a romantic moonlight moment by the sea, mooring your yacht at the exclusive Private and VIP Marinas, or exploring the beauty of nature in the Cat Ba National Park.
Azuria Villas (C1) & Fantasia Villas (C2)  in CatBa Amatina project

For residents in the city seeking a secluded haven in total harmony with nature, or a foreigner from afar wanting to immerse himself in the natural beauty, culture and hospitality of Vietnam, or an investor or businessman looking to benefit from a visionary idea that is fully supported by the Government and with total commitment by VINACONEX-ITC, one of Vietnam's leading real estate and tourism corporation, Cat Ba Amatina stands out for its great potential in investment returns, and equally important, happiness and peace in life. Tourism destination in Vietnam