About Haiphong Branch, Vinaconex – ITC
1. About Haiphong Branch, Vinaconex – ITC.
Haiphong branch is a member of Vinaconex – ITC. Haiphong Branch was established according to Decision No 0057/QĐ-VITC-TCHC dated October 15th, 2010 of BoM of Vinaconex – ITC and provides urban and tourism services.
Haiphong Branch is an organisation that receives and develops urban and tourism services of Cat Ba Amatina Project owned by Vinaconex – ITC. Amatina Project is the outstanding destination for tourists by its nature, mountains and sea. The project was established and constructed with the aim to be a green,and nature-friendly project. Besides hotels, the project also meets the current second-home trends of today tourism by selling series of resort villas, high-class apartments, and providing golf courts, boat wharf services, ect.

Despite being a new brand name with young, dynamic, enthusiastic and well-trained staffs,Cat Ba Amatina is trying its best to be a destination of choice for all tourists coming to Cat Ba by provision of high quality services.

Services of Haiphong Branch :
In 2011, Haiphong Branch receives Tung Thu 3 Beach to put into operation. Tung Thu 3 Beach is a beautiful beach surrounded by a curve of rocky mountain, white sand in Cat Ba Island. Peaceful but luxurious landscape, beautiful nature and convenient, modern architecture bring to tourists outstanding relaxed feelings.

Coming to Tung Thu 3 Beach, visitors can lay in gentle waves or enjoy landscape of Cat Ba on canoes, kayaks. Moreover, you also can join in other sports such as beach football, volley ball, kites, team building games, etc.

Tung Thu 3 Restaurant with capacity of 300 guests is an ideal place to organise crowded parties in sea-view space. Skillful chefs, various kinds of food, fresh sea food are suitable for both local and international tourists. Besides, carefully cooked and attractively decorated buffet breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, mocktails, ect. are  also at the service to guests.

Tung Thu 3 is the only beach with outdoor stage in Cat Ba. This is an ideal place for organising events and entertainment programs such as performances, ceremonies, outdoor parties, picníc, camp fire, music night party, dance, etc.

Address: F Service House, Tung Thu Beach, Cat Ba Amatina Project, Cat Ba Town, Cat Hai, Hai Phong.
Tel: (84 31) 6606926 | Fax: (84 31) 3696129
Office in Hanoi:
Tel: (84 4) 35553091 Fax: (84 4) 35553090

2. Organisation chart of Haiphong branch

3. Orientation for business operation of Haiphong Branch:
-    Providing hotel - restaurant services.
-    Providing entertainment – sport services.
-    Providing commercial services.
-    Selling handicrafts, souvenirs.
-    Providing urban services.
-    Organising meetings, events.