World economy is facing many difficulties that impact wide range of businesses toward reducing value of their stocks; and therefore, the current value of stocks do not reflect the actual value of businesses. However, based on current potentials of businesses, their business objectives, their commitments to customers and investors, and on their market capitalization and liquidity, recently, common website of Asean Stock Exchanges ( introduced 210 blue-chip stocks, representing 7 stock exchanges from 6 regional countries (Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam).

Vietnam alone has 2 stock exchanges to be introduced, which are Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE). Each of the two stock exchanges introduced 30 outstanding stocks, rating by their market capitalization and liquidity. This is one of the activities aimed at promoting country’s image and its outstanding stocks to ASEAN countries, and at opening new investment opportunities to the regional and global public.
In the context of deep decline in regional and global stock exchanges, this is a great opportunity for international investors to choose and own stocks at cheap price.

According to statistics, Vietnam stock exchange is experiencing greatest decline compared to other regional stock exchanges (compared with peak price of 2011). To be concrete, HNX - Index declined on 51.18% whole VN - Index declined on 27.56%.

Among 60 outstanding stocks that represent Vietnamese stock exchanges, 22 stocks are traded below their par values (36.67%). Average price of those 60 stocks is VND 21,465/share; VNM stocks have highest price (VND 137,000/share) while APS stocks have lowest price (VND 3,300/share). 

For Vinaconex-ITC, this introduction is a promising signal in the operation of the Company because its VCR stocks are among the most prestige stocks of Vietnam having high liquidity. The introduction is also a proof of Vinaconex-ITC’s international integration and an evidence of the Company’s realization of its commitments. The rating of VCR stocks in the same line with other prestige, long-standing stocks also opens new opportunity to encourage more foreign cooperation and investment to Cat Ba Amatina Project run by Vinaconex-ITC.